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3 Zone Massage

This massage, designed by ESCAPE, allows the client to be the creator of his or her own manual therapy by choosing 3 areas of the body. In this way, the massage is totally personalised, responding to the specific needs, preferences and desires of the client.

Time Price
45 minutes 64 €
VAT included

Opening hours & address

Monday: 12h00 à 20h00

Tuesday: 12h00 à 20h00

Wednesday: 10h00 à 20h00

Thursday: 12h00 à 20h00

Friday: 12h00 à 20h00

Saturday: 10h00 à 20h00

Sunday: 12h00 à 20h00

Piscine de Redange

28 Rue de la Piscine, L-8508 Redange

Contact Us

(+352) 621 963 388

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